Virginia Thorn

Singer Song Writer

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Virginia Thorn is singer songwriter from South East London with Argentine roots. She is influenced by music from South and North America as well as the British Indie Pop scene. She is a classically trained vocalist in the Bel Canto technique. As a teenager she fell in love with the 1960's Folk Revival, so as soon as she was old enough she journeyed to Greenwich Village to visit The Cafe Wha? and The Bitter End where Bob Dylan and the Folk Revivalists played. Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell were formative influences on her music. Martha Wainwright is a contemporary artist who inspires for the vulnerability and passion she channels in her live performance. If pressed to pick one musician above the rest, it would be Tom Waits.  




She admires his gift to weave a story through song that distils the longing of the human heart.  As a songwriter she has a love of storytelling and values the human connection that can take place through music. She says, "This can happen through rhythm or melody in a place beyond words, but also through lyrics and poetic ideas which might resonate a universal truth. A song which we connect with can translate our individual feeling to the universal plain. Joy is amplified, sorrow is shared and for me this is the magic of writing and receiving music." She believes the privilege of being a performer is the direct connection it allows with the audience. 


Photograph: Film still by Lewis Noll

Musician: Virginia Thorn